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Large Commercial & Goverment Service

Large Commercial and Government Customers are very important to AmeriPower. AmeriPower is Certified as a MWBE and a HUB and is able to serve large loads in the State of Texas. An agreement with the largest power generator in Texas allows AmeriPower to support all your electric needs.

We'll design a pricing plan that has your budget in mind by taking into account your energy management capabilities and ability to assume risk in the energy market. Our variety of products are tailored to your company's risk tolerance and cost control requirements. Whether you want a steady, predictable cost structure, or one that takes into account the price fluctuations of the energy market, we can match a solution to your specific needs that delivers the performance you desire.

Some of the electricity products we offer include:

  • fixed rate (12, 24 or 36 month term)
  • MCPE indexed products
  • seasonal products

Your designated AmeriPower account manager will work with you to understand the energy procurement process and design a pricing plan to meet your needs. We will help you prepare to execute your energy procurement strategy. Our consultative approach to supporting your energy buying decision AmeriPower will attempt to accomplish the following:

  • Evaluate your electricity needs and provide best options
  • Attempt to stay within your price range
  • Monitor the market to act quickly to take advantage of the lowest prices available
  • Support your understanding of the retail¬†market

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