Ameri Power
wants to serve your electricity needs

Small Commercial Service

AmeriPower’s small to mid size business customers are very important to us. Every business is unique and we design energy solutions and pricing based on your distinct profile. If you want to provide your business with reliable electric service at a much lower price then you should choose AmeriPower.

We believe the products offered by AmeriPower will fit your budget and risk profile while providing savings on an ongoing basis. Whether your company spends several hundred dollars or several thousand dollars per month, your firm can realize a substantial savings in the cost of your electricity by choosing AmeriPower.

AmeriPower takes the guesswork out of your energy costs by offering you a fixed electricity rate for the life of your contract.  Whatever your needs, we are there to serve you.

Some of the products we offer include:

  • fixed rate (12 , 24 or 36 month term)
  • seasonal products

Ask your AmeriPower account representative which service plan is right for your business' needs. Then compare our rates to those of your incumbent and other providers. You'll see. AmeriPower can potentially save your business hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month. Switch today and get on with making your business a success!